Vw polo 6n2 1.4 8v in Crewe, Cheshire for sale

Vw polo 6n2 1.4 8v

My beloved customised vw polo 6n2 in black needs to go as I have bought a family car unfortunately didn't really want this to go for so cheep but I think that my male areas maybe dislodged if I keep it by the Mrs.
The engine is a 1.4 8valve engine with a brand new uprated gearbox with a stronger differential and new ish clutch, induction kit fitted with cold air feed, lowered on fully adjustable eibach colliers with the C spanner, full stainless steel exhaust system with decat and a 4-1 race manifold with lifetime guarantee, genuine gti BBS rx2 split rims powdercoated in vw flash red and black with brand new tyres with locking wheel nuts, limo black windows on all the legal windows professionally Done to a high standard, gti front bumper with both grilles one that I customised vw flash red behind the grille and the standard gti grille with badges, customised fog lights with cree driver lights which are brighter that hid kits and they are more reliable than hids because they are a type of led, in the headlights there are h7 55w hid kit with led white sidelights, new red and black car seat covers, wind protectors fitted, new ish discs and pads on front with brand new rear shoe sets so will never need changing again, brand new stalks on behindbthe steering wheel, Vw shape puddle lights on floor when opening doors, no problems with any switches or central locking pump and motors in window regs, new battery and dated, car is linned mostly all round with rattle trap noise reduction to keep out the road noise, uprated edge speakers all round plus ones in the back for better sound quality with original stereo and cd slot, just to make people aware I am a non smoker and no the baby was not conceived in this vehicle!! Full set of carpet mats tailor made in red/black stitching that clip into the carpet floor, boshh aero wipers quite new, also may I add that this vehicle is a non Pett zone unless you count the mother in law :) as you can see I have had a good relationship with this car and I don't want to slag her down but she does have some faults of her own for example she has a slight ding on the passenger side rear quarter but can't see from the pics but I'm trying to be honest and she has also developed a misfire as I have just started a new job and purchased my family car I haven't had time to even think about this poor car so it could be only something simple, I've had the codes read and nothing showed up think it's intermittent because engine management light comes on and off and misfires some bright spark might know a little bit more than me but as I have said if I spend anymore time with her my Mrs might boil my gentleman's vegetables in a pot. Full MOT
Thanks for reading this very truthful advert please feel free to contact me at any time